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Rodrigo Duterte: Super Controversial President of the Philippines

Philippines masters the art of “win-win” at APEC summit in a geo-economic triumph for Duterte/ Credits to THE DURAN
President Rodrigo Duterte has gone further than any of his recent predecessors president has before, with the success of his “war on drugs”, his anti-corruption movements and the smooth management of terrorist related issues. Duterte is clearly paving a way into a brighter future considering that his actions are securing the country for businesses and it creates a solid commitment to peace and cooperation with China and further military cooperation on security issues with Russia.

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The ASEAN Business and Investment Summit in Manila comes to life as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang dies down, Duterte’s hard work pays off as Philippine businessmen find the president’s new geo-political and geo-economical strategy successful.

Duterte has successfully solved the tension in South China Sea that’s caused by disputes of South East Asian countries. The president pledged to maintain peace and cooperation over the issues of the South China Sea maritime and territorial rights. And with this positivity came a reward in the form of an investment from a country that’s one of the top ten growing economies in the world.

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In addition, the Chinese view Duterte in high regard after the results of the discussion between Presidents Duterte and Xi JinPing during the APEC summit.

On another note, Russia will provide us with full cooperation on security issues by providing the Philippines with world-class Russian weapons and cooperative infrastructure projects and nuclear energy initiatives are soon to come. This is the result of Presidents Duterte and Vladimir Putin productive meeting.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque stated that “There are Russian companies wanting to invest in transportation [projects], including a subway, and he (Putin) even made particular mention of the interest in building a light metro rail for Baguio and La Trinidad”.

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Meanwhile, Josephine Romero the adviser at the ASEAN Business Advisory Council and Program Chair of ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2017 said that the Russians mentioned their advancements on space technology and that Russia’s willing to strengthen relation their relations with ASEAN member nations.

To sum up Duterte’s geo-economic achievements, Duterte basically opened the Philippines to business with regional and international partners and that his efforts have given businesses a new found security.

The Philippines has the best yet coming and this is all due to the efforts of Duterte who’s achieved more than any other recent predecessor president has. Human right’s violations should be the last of his worries, as far as we know, we are winning the “war on drugs” thus giving us an opportunity to cleanse the community. And if it’s human rights violations during the “war on drugs” that you’re worried about, the country’s looking forward to host a new human rights conference.

And despite the many criticisms of the United States, Duterte has actually never gave a consensus of actually giving up business with the United States, Duterte’s still going to keep doing business with the United States. The catch would be is that there should he mutual in respect.

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Fact Check SOURCE: The Duran
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