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Duterte praises Trump

President Rodrigo Duterte praises United Stated president Trump saying he is a realist, a pragmatic thinker. -Photo credit to owner

President Rodrigo Duterte may rant against the United States, but he has nice words for its new leader, President Donald Trump. 

Donald John Trump is the 45th and current President of the United States. Before entering politics he was a businessman and television personality.

Remember when Duterte's expletive statement against the US and Obama, which could be translated as "son of a bitch" or "son of a whore," prompted the White House to cancel the bilateral meeting between the two leaders on the sidelines of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit in Laos.

As we all know that our beloved President really speaks what he meant without thinking what other might tell him. It is like the saying, when you are being true to yourself, you are completely honest with what you feel, deeply value, and desire. It also means communicating your feelings wholeheartedly both with yourself and others, allowing your truth to flow through you and into the world.

Duterte issued the scathing statements in reaction to Obama's reported plan to bring up the human rights situation in the Philippines in relation to the new administration's controversial war on drugs.

With his recent trip in KSA, speaking before some 6,000 members of the Filipino community in Qatar, Duterte said Trump approved of his administration's war against illegal drugs. 

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has launched an abusive “war on drugs” that has resulted in the deaths of more than 6,000 Filipinos to date, the vast majority poor urban slum dwellers. The Philippine National Police’s own data indicates that police killed at least 2,250 “suspected drug personalities” from July 2016 to January 2017, with an additional 3,600 alleged drug users and dealers killed by “unidentified gunmen.” Police Director-General Ronald dela Rosa has characterized the killings as proof of an “uncompromising” approach to drug crimes.

During his 22-year tenure as mayor of Davao City in southern Mindanao, Duterte was a vocal supporter of a death squad that perpetrated hundreds of extrajudicial killings of so-called undesirables, including children as young as 14. The Davao Death Squad was organized, financed, and directed by elements of local police and government officials, as detailed in the 2009 Human Rights Watch report, “‘You Can Die Any Time’: Death Squad Killings in Mindanao.”

Large-scale extrajudicial violence as a crime solution became the cornerstone of Duterte's electoral campaign. On the eve of his May 9, 2016 election victory, he told a crowd of more than 300,000: “If I make it to the presidential palace I will do just what I did as mayor. You drug pushers, holdup men, and do-nothings, you better get out because I'll kill you.”

The Philippine Drug the drug policy of President Rodrigo Duterte. UN data shows that the Philippines has a low rate of illegal drug use compared to the global average. Condemned by the UN, the US and the EU, in 2017 Amnesty International described Duterte's policy as "not a war on drugs, but a war on the poor", with police operations targeting "mostly poor and defenceless people across the country while planting 'evidence', recruiting paid killers, stealing from the people they kill and fabricating official incident reports." The police claim they kill only in self-defense, however their kill ratio of 97%, combined with eyewitness testimony, led Reuters to state that "officers are summarily gunning down suspects"

The tough-talking president even imitated how Trump spoke to him during a phone call in December last year, made a month after the businessman and reality show figure won the US presidency.

Duterte said Trump is "a realist" and a "deep" person.

"Alam mo, Trump is a realist, a pragmatic thinker. Akala mo lang—Pareho kami, pakunwari. Pero hindi nila alam, nag-iisip nang malalim 'yan," he said, noting that the US president "would not be a billionaire" if he were stupid.

"Makatayo lang ng isang poste. Pu—, nakita mo 'yung building niya? Paano ka maging bobo? Malalim 'yan... Totoo. Si Trump, malalim 'yan. Kunwari lang. Pareho ko, 'di naman ako bright na bright, but I am a very deliberate... Talagang pag-isipan ko bago kita murahin," he added.

It wasn't the first time that Duterte expressed his admiration for Trump. Last December, he said he favored the Republican candidate over former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party's bet, in last year's US elections because they "talk the same language."

Aside from envying Trump for having a beautiful wife, Duterte also indicated that people should not underestimate the new US president.

This is a far cry from how Duterte spoke about Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, after the latter criticized the rising death toll in the administration's war against drugs.

During his speech in Qatar, the Philippine president seemed to take pride in calling Obama a "son of a b—" in public.

"[S]abi nila, ako lang ang naka— Bilib sila sa akin, ako lang ang nakasabi na 'You go to hell, you son of a b—.' ... May isa akong Cabinet member, galing siya sa Europe. Sabi niya, 'Rod, you have a very bad image sa EU, pati sa Amerika.' Sabi ko, look, I am not a lackey, 'di ako bata bata ng Amerika. I only serve the Filipino," he said, the pronouncement met with applause.

We could show our love for our country by being proud of our heritage and the nobility of our race and striving to make it best. We can do this by following the fine examples of patriotism and discipline of our heroes, by being part of the change that will bring back the glory and pride of the Filipino race and, more importantly, by helping improve the lives of our people in our own little way. Loving our country also means possessing an unyielding desire for our country to become a great nation given our talent, intelligence and resources and continuing to nourish this great dream for our country and people.

"Kaya ngayon maski 'yung taxi driver dito, 'He's your president. He's the guy who bulls— [Obama]. I never regretted it. Ako lang raw ang head of state na nagsabi niyan," he added.

Since Duterte praises the President of the United States, is this a sign of economic growth and much better opportunities for Filipinos to live the American dream?

Please let us know your inputs and comments to the below box. 

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Credits: News/ GMA News
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