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Trillanes to impeach the President

MANILA - Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Wednesday said there are now grounds to impeach President Rodrigo Duterte.
Trillanes said Duterte should be impeached for culpable violation of the Constitution, citing the thousands killed under the government’s war on drugs; his alleged involvement in the Davao Death Squad (DDS); and, his alleged ill-gotten wealth. 

Can Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s term as president be cut short by impeachment? Albay Governor Joey Salceda has done the math based on the current unofficial count of election results and concluded that such a scenario won’t fly.

In a Facebook post, Salceda explained that the prospect of a successful impeachment lies mostly on whether it would prosper in the Senate than in the House of Representatives.

Judging from the party affiliations of incumbent senators, as well as those in the “Magic 12” circle of winners in the senatorial race, Salceda said Duterte can already count on 10 lawmakers to back him up in case politikos in the House wants him impeached.
"Mabigat po ito lahat, pero depende ito sa political persuasion mo. Kung die-hard Duterte supporter ka, hindi ka maniniwala. Kahit manggahasa sa gitna ng kalye si Duterte, ok pa rin sya. Pero kung bukas ang iyong mga mata, mabigat ito," Trillanes told reporters.
Trillanes, however, said he is aware that Duterte still enjoys overwhelming support in Congress, where the impeachment process begins.
The senator nonetheless is hopeful that many lawmakers would put behind politics and really see the truth about the president.
"Titingnan natin, kapag namulat na ang mata ng nga tao, susunod ang mga kongresista," he said.
Responding to allegations that he is “destabilizing” the government, Trillanes said Duterte only has himself to blame.
“Kung meron nag-dedestabilize dito, siya iyon. Siya ang pumapatay ng tao,” he said. "Is this our idea how we run government?”
Trillanes is set to end his second term as senator in 2019. He shrugged off the possibility that Duterte might get back at him once he is out of the Senate.
"Kung aabot sya ng 2019. Maraming pwedeng mangyari," Trillanes said.

This man really wants Duterte to be out of his way, try to look with his photo and look at his smile what can you say our what can you imagine? Feel free to comment what you feel.

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