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"Oplan Sagip Anghel" in Quezon City

Thursday night, Quezon City authorities have rescued 53 vagrants in the city's Barangay Greater Lagro.
GMA News' "Unang Balita" reported Friday morning that local officials, social welfare workers and police personnel rescued several minors, including "batang hamog", "rugby boys" and street dwellers at past 10 p.m.  during "Oplan Sagip Anghel" –a campaign against child abuse and human trafficking.
The operation in Lagro was conducted by barangay officials along with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) personnel, Quezon City Police District Station 5 operatives, and the Department of Public Safety Office in the area.

Report said that a female minor, celebrating her 17th birthday, was among those who were brought to the barangay hall for yielding suspected shabu.

"Wala po talaga sa'kin yun, hindi po talaga sa'kin 'yun. Nagulat na lang po ako tumakbo sila lahat sa loob kasi naglalaro po ako ng sepat, sabi takbo na tayo," the girl said.  
Barangay Greater Lagro chairman Rene Galimba, meanwhile, said that they conducted the operation after receiving complaints that street dwellers were disturbing motorists and employees of a mall near the area every night.
The street dwellers were brought to the barangay hall and were fed with porridge before they were turned over to the DSWD. 

Or children of the dew are so named because these are street children who live on the streets. They live a hand-to-mouth existence through begging and when pushed into desperation, would commit crime. These street children drew the attention of the public because of their penchant for throwing rocks at passing vehicles.

These children are products of dysfunctional families, or are orphans. They all live below the poverty line. A lot of times, their parents are abusive, forcing them to run away from home to live in the streets. In order to survive, they took to begging and when what they make is not enough, resort to stealing.

For a group of young children, they are as organized as street gangs and they would also engage in snatching and stealing materials from unattended construction sites. They would also inhale solvent which they would indulge as a form of escape from the harshness of reality, not caring about the risks to their health.


Are a common gang of street children found in the Philippines. They are one of the most well-known poverty-afflicted people found in the slums of the Philippines. They are known for using and being addicted to a contact cement known as "Rugby" brand manufactured by Bostik (who has since added a sniffing deterrent) and other aromatic solvents to alleviate their hunger, and resulting in crime to fund their addiction.


Despite of the help of our authorities still this can't be stopped due to various reasons. Like  some if of the offenders are underage. Under the law, those below 15 years of age cannot be considered a criminal although they qualify as juvenile delinquents.

In relation to that, there is a lack of adequate resources to address this problem – housing or detention centers, rehabilitation and counseling which are prescribed by the Juvenile Justice Act or Republic Act 9344. Unfortunately, these have not yet been acted upon which can be inferred as lack of political will on those tasked to enforce it.

Furthermore, although they can be apprehended, they would be released at the soonest. The police reasons that no one has come forward to file charges or there are no juvenile facilities to keep them since they cannot be considered criminals to be kept in jail among adult criminals. Going back to the above-mentioned incident, bus drivers dared not resist because they are organized into virtual street gangs. They fear they would attack them and they would do it in large numbers. They are vulnerable because they ply a fixed route which these street children would remember. 

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"Oplan Sagip Anghel" in Quezon City Reviewed by Unknown on March 23, 2017 Rating: 5 Thursday night, Quezon City authorities have rescued 53 vagrants in the city's Barangay Greater Lagro. GMA News' "Una...

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