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Lascañas confession with 'DISCREPANCY' - Lacson

Senator Panfilo Lacson on Monday pointed out a discrepancy between the Senate testimony and public confession of retired SPO3 Arturo Lascañas regarding the murder of an entire family at the hands of the alleged Davao Death Squad (DDS).
Lascañas told senators that he and fellow hitmen ambushed a suspected kidnapper's vehicle before taking the target, his father-in-law, pregnant wife, their 4-year-old son and 2 elderly helpers to a secluded hut.
He said he was outside the hut when the entire family was executed.
Lascon, however, noted that Lascañas said in a Feb. 20 press conference that the family was killed in front of him.
Lascañas explained: "Andoon ako sa labas pero I consider na nakita ko. Baka na-ano (nagkamali) ako."

Going back to Lascañas statement 4 months ago, had repeatedly denied the existence of the so-called Davao Death Squad or DDS at a Senate hearing, Yet last week, retired Senior Police Officer 3 Arturo Bariquit Lascañas suddenly made a turnaround, saying not only that he had been one of the “pasimuno” or major players in the DDS, but also that then Davao City Mayor and now President Rodrigo Roa Duterte had ordered the killings done by the group.

His lawyers said Lascañas had been moved to make the confession because he had been suffering from nightmares about the massacre of a family in Davao that included a woman who was then seven months pregnant and a young boy. In the press conference last week, lawyer Arno Sanidad also said that it had been “maybe a month or two months back” that Lascañas decided to come clean in public about the DDS and his role in it.
But Lascañas may have had laid plans for a tell-all far earlier, having started writing a journal sometime in 2015.
That journal – written by hand on yellow paper – has now reached some 70 pages. In it, Lascañas has apparently scribbled notes about his own career, Duterte’s rise to power, and the supposed bloody exploits of the DDS.
Among the few pages he shared with PCIJ is one describing what would later lead to the DDS. Lascañas wrote that after Duterte won “by a slim margin of votes” over then Davao City Mayor Zafiro Respicio in 1988, “the Anti-Crime Task Force was organized by the Mayor (RRD). The Task Force was led by then Major Ernesto Macasaet, a very close friend of Mayor Rody Duterte.”
"The Anti-Crime Campaign of Mayor Duterte was so serious and remarkable in its inception, crime rate of Davao City were (sic) observed in its low level since Mayor Rody became mayor," wrote Lascañas. "He hit hard the organized crime group in the city, w/ the full cooperation of the police force, then the Davao Metropolitan District Command."
Later pages, however, have this prediction: "Mayor RRD's entry into the Presidential Derby 2016 could be a Divine Trap. It would lead him to his political waterloo. Win or lose, sooner or later, he would become the most hated political figure in Philippine history."
According to Lascañas, Duterte is “a physically, morally, and spiritually disturbed person. He is for flesh, blood, and power no matter what."
"What he wants, he gets,” Lascañas wrote in his journal. “What matters (to) him most is his personal and political security."
He continued, "If ever he will win the presidency and apply in the whole country his Davao formula of bloodletting on the premise of peace and order and illegal drugs, eventually he will lead this country (to) hell, and deceptively perpetuate himself to lifetime in power."
“And the rest, ” Lascañas said, would be “lethal history, evil prevail(s)."
Source: ABS-CBN News,
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