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President Madness to Environmental Destruction

President Duterte expresses disappointment while showing photos of forests and bodies of water, which he said, were destroyed by illegal mining activities during a press conference at the Rizal Hall in Malacañan Palace on Monday. Duterte expressed support for Environment Secretary Gina Lopez and raised the possibility of a total mining ban.
Kayong mga mining (You mining firms), I know you are funding the opposite side. Alam ko na ngayon kung sinong gumagastos sa kanila (I know now who is financing them). I know that some of you are giving funding to the other side to destabilize me,” Duterte said in a media briefing at Malacañang.
“If the police and military will allow it, it’s their problem,” the President added.
Duterte said he would not bow to the mining firms’ pressure, adding he is ready to forgo the P70 billion in revenues from this sector.

“Ngayon, kung mag-lobby-lobby lang kayo ng mining diyan o maggastos kayo. Gusto ninyo akong palitan na Presidente na paluhurin ninyo to do your bidding… (Now, if you’re just lobbying on mining firms or provide funding. You want to replace me as President who would kneel to do your bidding…),” he said before citing names of mining firms that destroyed the country’s resources during their operations.

The Chief Executive talked about destabilization moves in the briefing where he and his party mates in PDP-Laban also issued party stands on major issues ranging from federalism, corruption and the death penalty to social justice and economic development.
Duterte presented documentation and photos of the adverse impact of mining activities all over the country, as he reiterated support for Environment Secretary Gina Lopez, who failed to get the nod of the Commission on Appointments (CA) last week.
Duterte commended Philex Mining for being a responsible firm, citing tree-planting activities it has spearheaded in areas where it operates.

Seeking explanation

Duterte then challenged the mining sector for a confrontation over the destruction on the environment by irresponsible firms, citing the Berong Nickel Corp. in Narra, Palawan; Citinickel Mines and Development Corp., Oceanagold, Emir Minerals Corp. and Adnama Mining.
“This is Berong Nickel Corp. in Narra, Palawan. Look at the greens. You think you can live with it? Because of the P70 billion? Or because nag-contribute sa campaign funds mo (it contributed to your campaign funds)? Hindi sa akin. Maski na mag-contribute ka, ganon din. Uupakan kita (Not to me. Even if you contribute, it’s the same. I’ll hit you),” he said, as he showed photos of the firm’s site.
“Explain to me how is this. Sabihin mo sa akin dito, magharapan tayo (Tell it to me here, facing each other). What have you done to my country?”
“Economy? Well, siguro, mawawalan tayo (ng) trabaho sa mga tao. Maghintay kayo (maybe, we’ll lose jobs for people. You wait). We will scrape the bottom of the barrel to look for the money, but I’m going to give you food kung ’yan lang,” he added.
Duterte expressed hope that the P70-billion revenues that could be lost from mining can be covered by new investments.
“And let us just pray that enough business will come in, new ones, but not as… not as devastating as this one. Kasayang (What a waste),” he said.
As he expressed his disappointment over the destruction of the environment, the President sought an explanation from the mining firms over their operations.
Duterte also shot down reports that he might be implicated in the destruction of the environment when these activities happened during the past administrations.
Tapos, i-charge mo sa akin ito sa aking panahon? Ay, anak ng… Sino mananagot nito? Eh ’di ako, pati ito, pati ito. Kayo ’yung nasa power, kayo ’yung pretentious diyan (Then, you will charge it to me during my term? Son of a… Who is responsible for this? It is I, for this one. You are the ones in power, you are the pretentious ones), that we will work for the benefit of the people. God d*** this people, you are always forgotten,” he said.
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