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Cebu Road Rage Suspect claims Self Defense

Reported by: Carine Asutilla Lapid and John Lapid

The camp of road rage suspect David Lim Jr. claimed he was merely defending himself when a nurse was shot after a traffic altercation. Lawyer Orlando Salatandre, who represents Lim, said their camp may also file counter-charges.

It seems that there is a rampant road incident telling this matter. Remember, RolitoGo? He is one of the first famous Filipino who was reported to kill a 25 year old engineering student way back 1991.  

Filipinos, not only us but with all races they need to handle anger management. And the questions is how to handle anger management? Is it something to be learned?
See video of the inquest procedure of suspect David Lim Jr.:

During the inquest procedure, David Lim Jr. was sorrounded by media men who tried to get his statement on the road rage that happened a day ago. The suspect refuses to give statement a presscon was held to give statement by the officers handling his case. -Video credits to Youtube

Lim, who surrendered Tuesday with help from presidential aide Bong Go, is accused of shooting 33-year-old nurse Ephraim Nuñal. A video of the Sunday incident has since made rounds online.
Salatandre questioned the video, saying it appears edited. 

Below is the actual footage.
The video showing how David Lim Jr. (Suspect) attacks Ephraim Nuñal (Victim), it seems that the video is not real. It could be a re-enactment of the scene, but whatever it is, it all happened and a certain life of a human being was stolen by this criminals. It seem that it is easy to get guns and liscense nowadays. -Video Credits to ABS-CBN

Lim "surrendered for safe keeping only," the lawyer added, while denying the shooting suspect was getting special treatment from the Philippine National Police.
Police Regional Office-Central Visayas Director Noli Talino Taliño said Lim stayed at his office.
Lim, nephew of an alleged drug lord, meanwhile underwent booking procedures.
Lim surrendered at the PNP Regional Office 7 in Cebu around 2 a.m. after negotiations between his family and authorities.

President Rodrigo Duterte's top aide, Christopher "Bong" Go facilitated the negotiations on Monday after cops failed to find and arrest Lim during a raid in his home, according to Central Visayas police director, Chief Supt. Noli Taliño.
Duterte's executive assistant, however, denied that he is personally acquainted with the Lim family, whom he said only reached him through the help of a Davao City resident.
Jun Salatandre, Lim's lawyer, denied that the suspect was given special treatment while in police custody amid reports that he was detained in an air-conditioned room.
The suspect is a nephew of Peter Lim, whom Duterte tagged as a drug trafficker in July last year. Peter denied his alleged drug links in a meeting with the President in Malacañang.
Nuñal said he honked his horn at Lim after the latter stopped his Mercedes Benz in the middle of the road.
Their argument escalated into a fistfight that ended with David shooting Nuñal.

In addition, The Philippine National Police on Tuesday denied that road rage suspect David Lim Jr., nephew of an alleged drug lord, was given special treatment when he surrendered to authorities.
Lim turned himself in to the Central Visayas police after his mother negotiated for his safe surrender through the help of President Duterte's top aide Christopher Go.

PNP chief Director General Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa said the negotiations do not entail VIP treatment as it is only "normal" for Lim's family to try to ensure his safety.

"I don't think there was special treatment. It's just normal sa isang mother na gusto niyang mag-surrender ang anak niya peacefully, na hindi ma-harm, na humanap ng linya na makausap kung pwedeng i-voluntary surrender iyung anak nila. It's normal," Dela Rosa told reporters at Camp Crame.
PNP-Central Visayas director Chief Supt. Noli Taliño echoed Dela Rosa's statement, adding that Lim was detained in his office.
Lim, however, was spotted leaving an air-conditioned room of the Regional Intelligence Division before his mugshot and fingerprints were taken.
This is also one of the reason why I've been hoping that Death Penalty should be revive. There are already a lot of persons who have guts to kill someone, because they are not afraid with jails and sometimes have backers that might be powerful.

People who's been doing this act does not afraid even with God. I know that Catholics specially the priest doesn't want death penalty because killing people is bad thing to do. However, who are they to judge? As we only would like to have a peaceful country. In which you are free to move and fear only one which is GOD.

Source: ABS-CBN News, Youtube (Leave Page, Amfofo)
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